Apple HomePod, the rumored Siri enabled Speaker, officially announced


Apple announced HomePod, the Siri enabled speaker, today during WWDC, the companies annual developer conference.  The speaker has been built to compete not only with quality brand such as Sonos; but with its smart home speaker capabilities, HomePod can also compete with the extremely popular Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers.   As Apple SVP of Global Marketing Phil Schiller stated ‘Sonos are not smart speakers and Amazon Echo’s aren’t good speakers.  The name ‘HomePod’  is strange, lets be honest.  But with Airpods, and Earpods, and iPods, its not surprising that we would now have HomePod included in the mix.

HomePod is cylindrical speaker that is shaped like a pill.  It has a seven beam-forming tweeter array, with a custom woofer, which is all powered by the Apple A8 Chip.  The A8 chip is the same chip that powered the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  The color options come in White and Space Grey.  Apple also announced AirPlay 2, which bring multi-room audio capability, which HomePod can utilize through Apple’s HomeKit


HomePod has been made to revolutionize the way music is played throughout the home. HomePod can use Siri intelligence as a ‘musicologist’ more so than the assistant features that are the main focus of the Amazon Echo and Google Home.   HomePod can optimize the sound no matter where it is playing, and where you are in the home.  Users also have the ability to connect multiple HomePods throughout the home, to further enhance the sound experience.

HomePod was designed to work with an Apple Music subscription, which gives you access to over 40 million songs.   With the perfect blend of Siri intelligence and Apple Music, HomePod will become a sort of musicologist, as it learns music preferences from different genres and moods shared across devices.  Owners will also be able to gather information about the songs played by asking Siri questions via HomePod.

As stated during the HomePod announcement,  quality speakers such as Sonos speakers can be priced  at $300 dollars and up, and most smart speakers are priced in the $100 to $200 dollar range, therefore the $349 price of the HomePod makes sense for the quality of speaker that you will get.

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