Amazon’s new Echo has been announced!

image credit from Amazon

We finally goThe second generation Echo was introduced today at Amazon’s surprise event. The new Amazon Echo is a more compact, less expensive cloth speaker that looks to not only compete with smart home speakers like Google Home, and fancy sound machines like speakers made by Sonos, and Bose. The new Amazon Echo costs 99 dollars, which is a pretty hefty savings from the 179.99 first generation Amazon Echo.

The new Echo has a dedicated bass tweeter for a well rounded sound. The quality of the first version of the Echo wasn’t of the highest quality, and Amazon took the feedback from the first echo, and improved upon the audio sound for the new Echo. Folks looking for a multi room audio solution will rejoice with the new Echo, which has the ability to stream audio across multiple devices. The new Echo goes on sale today, with a 3 pack sale going live for what works out to be 50 dollars a device. The Echo will also have the ability to make free calls to the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well.

The new Echo came along with multiple other devices, including the Echo Connect, the Echo Plus, and a 4K Fire TV. The surprise event definitely did not disappoint.

It’s definitely exciting to see the next version of the Echo come to life. It’s specifications will make the device very competitive going against other smart devices that are currently available, and for future devices as well.




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