Amazon Smart Glasses could be coming soon

So this is interesting,

It has been reported that Amazon has begun research on Alexa enabled smart glasses. Other companies have of course ventured into this category before. Google manufactured Google Glass for employers to assist patients, and clients by researching information hands free, Snap made some (kind of dumb looking) glasses to take pictures and record video for their SnapChat app. So it almost makes sense to see the company behind smart technology such as the Echo and the Echo Show, would create wearable technology as well.

As reported by the Financial Times
, the device would pair wirelessly to the owners phone. When the owner asks a question, they would be able to hear the answer from Alexa via bone conduction which essentially transmits soundwaves directly to the owners skull, so no headphones are needed in hearing the answer.

It seems like Amazon is betting big (understandably so) on Smart Home Technology for its upcoming product launches.The Financial times also mentions that we could possibly see these smart glasses launch before the end of the year.

Sound interesting to you?


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