Amazon introduced the Echo Spot, a super cute way to rock the Smart Home life


Yesterday Amazon launched a ton of new Echo branded devices to help jumpstart your wildest Smart Home Dreams. The smallest Echo branded entry to join the party is the Echo Spot, the super compact, super stylish smart home device that you can essentially take anywhere (with a WiFi connection of course). The Echo Spot has a circular device that essentially is a mix between the Echo Dot, and the Echo Show. I say this due to the portability of the Echo Dot, and the built in screen that comes with the Echo Show.

The Echo Spot is pretty close to the perfect Alexa-enabled Echo option, with the ability to actually see the results of your interactions with Alexa. The device will have an embedded camera, a smart speaker, and the ability to do everything from video calling your loved ones to setting an alarm clock to help you get up in the morning. The Echo Spot is pretty perfect for everyone looking for a compact way to get connected to Alexa, and its ability to connect to other connected devices for the home.

Don’t necessarily take the speakers of the Spot for more than what they are, super small speakers with an audio out option, meaning you can essentially hook the Echo Spot up to external speakers for a more improved sound. The Echo Spot has a 2.5 inch screen, which can be perfectly fine for what it is, a portable smart camera/smart speaker hybrid. The Echo Spot is going to be a legit holiday present for tons of people. The Echo Spot will be released December 19th, literally with seconds to spare for the holiday gift giving extravaganza. The Echo Spot will launch for 130 dollars, which serves as a decent price for the features that come with the device.

Interested in the Echo Spot? Taking notes for your holiday tech filled season? Let me know in the comments!


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