A little bit of retro for your weekend. . .


The Azio Vintage Keyboard. Retro chic, modern technology. The keyboard is currently in an Indiegogo campaign, and has gone over its goal be 70,000 dollars.  The vintage keyboard comes in three different colors.  Retro Classic Artisan, Retro Classic Onyx, and Retro Classic Posh.  The picture above is the Retro Classic Artisan model.

The model is a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard with backlit keycaps.  The styling of the keycaps reminds me of playing with an old typewriter in my basement. I remember the feel and the sound of the keys of that typewriter to this day.


The top plate is made from genuine leather, and framed with a zinc aluminum alloy that will allow the keyboard to weather over time.   This allows for the vintage look that the keyboard will gain over time.  The keyboard will be available in traditional Windows format, styled to your country (US, UK, Nordic, German, Portugese), or the Windows Bluetooth format, with switchable Mac/Windows layout.

Have a room where you want to retro the layout?  A library, an office, or a reading room, with a computer set up?  This keyboard would be perfect for your room.  Along with some jazz music, of course.   Perhaps a turntable, or a Phonograph?


The keyboard is currently priced at $95 for the regular USB version, but of course higher donations give you a few more perks as far as the keyboard is concerned.  As I’ve said before, Azio has blown their indiegogo goal of 10,000 dollars out of the water, currently sitting around 83,000 dollars as we speak.


Clearly, the keyboard is a functional piece that accentuates the style-minded enthusiast at heart.  Sometimes having a little class to add to your set up can give you a step up in your productivity, and your aesthetic game as well.

Interested?  Ready to donate and reserve your model?  Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.  Learn more about Azio over here.  The keyboards that are already available for purchase look pretty interesting.

Ironic that Azio is headquartered in the City of Industry, CA isn’t it?  AZIO stands for A to Z, Input to Output.  From the looks of the website, the company prides itself on functionality and style with the products that they offer.

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