Tech Homie Deals: The Amazon Echo Dot is on Sale!

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Not a bad sale for a Wednesday.

When a good deal crosses the Tech Homie’s path, it only makes sense to share it with you all!  Anyway here’s a good deal for a Wednesday!

The Amazon Echo Dot, the portable smart home speaker that was sold out like wildfire over the holidays last year, has gone on sale at the lowest price of 2017 to date.  The Echo Dot will go for 39.99, for a 10 dollar savings.   For folks who don’t need the full capability (and size) of the Amazon Echo,  and those who may also want an echo for every room without spending over 500 dollars, the Echo Dot should work pretty well.  Perhaps even better on sale.

While not the first deal of the year – the Echo Dot had a sale last month where you saved 20 dollars on the total purchase price of 3 Echo Dots – this current sale will be the best of the year. . . So far, that is.

Now is probably a good time to pick up an Echo Dot a price point that was last seen during the holidays last year.  Now is also a good time to get the Echo Dot because who else wouldn’t love a chance to ask Alexa random questions all day long?

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